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Simple 8 bit soft-core from Xilinx

Picoblaze is a tremendously compact and flexible building block for Xilinx FPGA designs. Many tricky hardware problems can be solved quickly and elegantly with just one blockram and a few logic slices - a Picoblaze. Software programs running inside FPGAs can be difficult to design and verify. We have the solution.

The Ivysim Picoblaze Debugger shows you quickly and easily what is happening inside your embedded processor(s). It works in ModelSim, even ModelSimXE Starter can support a single Picoblaze design. With the debugger you can rapidly iterate code changes and avoid unnecessary complexity. The debugger lets you step through the code line by line at the same time as the hardware is simulated in ModelSim. It will also run to break points that you set while clearly displaying the realtime register and status values. Learn more about Ivysim Picoblaze Debugger now.

Program Example

Convert from decimal to binary numbers. dec2bin

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