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Perl Scripting

Practical Extraction and Report Language

Perl is very good at grabbing key information from large piles of textual data then presenting it in another format.

There are many, many applications for Perl including:

  • Report filtering
  • Verification results checking
  • Coding standard compliance checking
  • Netist patching
  • Code generation
  • Project management
  • System admin tasks
  • Dynamic webpage customisation

Perl was invented by Larry Wall whose intention was that "Easy things should be easy and hard things should be possible." Perl is an eclectic mix of the best bits from C, sed, awk, grep and other languages and utilities. It has many programming levels from amazingly useful one-liners to object-oriented applications drawing from a huge library of freely available content called Perl Modules.

Free Custom Perl Script

Writing Perl is fun. We need to make money but as an introductory offer we will write your first Perl script for free. Just send email to "free perl at ivysim dot com" with a description of what the Perl script should do. Or call the phone number at the foot of this page. There is no obligation, no commitment to pay for further work so try it.

Pause first to think about what your first Perl script should do. Next, type a short description including all relevant information. Finally, attach any example test data that might help then send it to "free perl at ivysim dot com".

We will write your Perl script and email it to you. We are prepared to spend 20 minutes on your first Perl script. We might spend a little longer on novel challenges.

Here are some of the scripts we've already written:

  • A free Perl script to change tags in mp3 files
  • A free Perl script to clean up project folders
  • A free Perl script to check simulation reports
  • A free Perl script to download share prices
  • A free Perl script to FTP a file every time it changes

None of these took more than 20 minutes to write and test.

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